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110м2, 3 комнаты, 1 этаж
от 99 880 руб c НДС
216м2, 4 комнаты, 1 этаж
от 238 868 руб c НДС
226м2, 5 комнат, 2 этажа
от 252 201 руб c НДС



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Frame house

In private life, a house can be quite young for our country, as well as gossip and often skepticism. Everything will become much more understandable and impressive. Consider that today 70-80% of private homes in prosperous Europe are built using wireframe technology. Part of the world made of stone.

Frame houses have several advantages. far not only in the European market. USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and many other developed countries.

Why is a frame house better?

It is very important to understand that a frame house of the "garden house" level is history, a real, modern, reliable and properly built house - this is completely different.

HiDom has built a turnkey frame house for every taste in the shortest possible time.