How to choose a site?

What to look for when choosing

Water availability

Inexpensive land can turn gold after drilling water on the site! If they say that soon there will be a water supply, the question arises: where was it before? Even the presence of a water supply nearby in the village should be considered, because you will carry it to your house at your own expense!


Think and look around right away, otherwise a miracle of modern architecture can be built directly against you and through your panoramic windows you will observe either a 5 year construction site or a site with a house of controversial architecture. There are no buddies to taste and color.


Don't neglect the distance. It immediately seems, but easily, that these 40 km are there. But then the daily everyday bustle, the garden, the school, the work ... It starts to tire. Do not forget about the cost of fuel, depreciation of a car and of course the most precious personal time!

High voltage lines

There are rules and regulations under which you can be built side by side and it is as if allowed and safe. But why do you need it?

Flatness of the plot

The difference in height in the section up to 1 meter is normal! Swings under the base of the house 2-3 meters is already very expensive for the foundation. Pay attention to this. If the basis of the house has an allowable difference. and then have a “cliff”, you can make a beautiful terrace on stilts.


Please note that cleaning a site can cost no less than the site itself. Various old buildings, just the foundation, cabins and so on! Removal and disposal work are expensive.

Price Match

A house worth 100 rubles should be built on land for 35 rubles. This is an average market value.

Having a road

If there is still no road, then it will never be. The cost of car washing, increased depreciation, and many other inconveniences